Careers In The Oil And Gas Industry

Jobs in the oil business appear to be in all of the news lately. Maybe because there are so many of them and also the pay for these positions is by all accounts to a great degree lucrative for the tasks that you are going to be performing. The oil drilling business is booming at the present time and positions are around for pretty much any area of oil production working in the oil and gas fields.

One of the most essential occupations which is vital for the accomplishment of any drilling operation is that of the petroleum engineer. The petroleum engineer does the obliged basis to allow the drilling team to succeed in finding and delivering the oil. For example, the abilities of the petroleum engineer could be conveyed into play to enhance the stream rates of both petroleum stores and natural gas.The engineer will be the go-to person to advise on the absolute best methods to use to maximize the volume of oil and gas that can be safely brought out of the ground. From the kinds of drills and drilling methodologies, to chemical enhancement, the petroleum engineer will manage the entire drilling operation, helping make certain the maximum conceivable of the well is reached although remaining within safety parameters.

Beyond helping to think of strategies used to safely bring up essentially the most gas or oil feasible, the petroleum engineer will also have responsibility for the most environmentally amicable manner of doing so. To this end, the engineer meets expectations with other gatherings involved within the drilling operation to make sense of the best systems of returning water to the ground, or to minimize the influence on the ocean floor to plant and animal life.The petroleum engineer will along these lines work intently with the drilling engineer and also the geologists to make beyond any doubt that all of the obliged actions are taken after, and carried out so in a manner in which both safety as well as the environment are given due consideration. Positions inside the oil and gas sector pay quite well for these engineers, and for those qualified exist in abundance.

2You will find a number of four year petroleum engineering programs to pick from, however you’ll find also exactly 2 year programs that can prepare the occupation applicant for assistant engineer or technician parts as well. Additionally, with some extra coursework degree holders in geography or structural engineering can also qualify for petroleum engineering positions.

Your pay will probably be in many instances commensurate with your expertise within the oil and gas saves, yet you will quite undoubtedly start your career making between $80 and $150 thousand dollars for every year for your work in the oil engineering field.

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Another Engineering Firm Making Redundancies

An engineering firm based in Stockton, England has made the decision to cut a number of jobs because of the ongoing oil crisis. Over the last year, the oil industry has been hugely affected after the price of oil has dropped substantially.

cordell groupThe Cordell Group made the announcement on the thirteenth of October this year. The company explained that after a very challenging year they were forced to take action. This action has come in the form of redundancies after its profits have fallen quite significantly.

Unfortunately, the oil and gas crisis has had damaging effects on a number of businesses in and related to the oil and gas industry. Recently, the Cordell Group saw one of their major contracts withdraw which has had a negative financial impact on the company.

The Cordell Group recently released its financial results for 2014 which showed a massive drop from the previous year. To be precise, the company saw a fall of one and a quarter million pounds compared to the previous year.

This fall doesn’t take into account the end of one its biggest contracts either which means there are more financial woes to come. The recent withdrawal of the Grangemouth contract is worth an estimated three hundred and fifteen thousand pounds.

The company made the decision to end the Grangemouth contract when the owner of the site Ineos was hit by industrial action. Workers attempted to change the conditions and pay at the site.

The company explained that because of the decision to end the contract at Grangemouth and with a noticeable decline in work, the company have had to make changes. The company also announced that the Scottish referendum had a massive impact on its operations based in Glasgow.

This year the group reported a profit of one hundred and sixteen thousand pounds. The previous year had pre tax profits of two hundred and eighty one thousand pounds, a substantial difference I’m sure you would agree. This profit was based on a turnover of forty two million pounds.

The decline in the price of oil has been a huge challenge for a number of companies but, despite this challenge the Cordell Group are still committed to improving the group’s overall performance. By making a number of redundancies now, the company hope to survive and save many other jobs.

So far the company have not mentioned how many jobs will be lost in the initial round of redundancies.

The current total workforce at Cordell is a little over six hundred people so many people could be affected by the redundancies. This workforce number has already seen decreases since the year 2014. Back then the company had a workforce of almost eight hundred people.

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Oil and Gas Industry Needs To Work Together In Order To Survive

Even though the Oil and Gas UK’s 2015 Share Fair doesn’t kick off until the fourth of November, there has already been talks about the key theme. This year the fair wants to focus on tackling business challenges and working cooperatively with other businesses in the industry.

oil and gas industry agreement

The exhibition will take place at Aberdeen’s Exhibition and Conference Centre in Scotland and will be attended by delegates from the oil and gas industry. Those attending the event will explore and find out how they could use their innovative products and services and their expertise in order to take on projects in the future.

The Business Development Director for Oil & Gas UK, Stephen Marcos Jones said that with around twenty two billion oil and gas barrels still out there, the oil and gas industry must focus on new ways to ensure the economic recovery is maximised.

A special task force was launched in September and aims to improve efficiency and collaboration in the oil and gas market. The industry must work together in order to be competitive when the price of oil is so low.

Businesses, clients and their suppliers all need to come together and talk about the different challenges they are going through. If new technology or services could significantly help improve the efficiency or cost in the industry, it must be talked about and acted upon.

The Oil and Gas UK’s Share Fair is a perfect place for these innovative people to get together. It’s the ideal way to talk about how the industry can improve and move forward.

Another person that has commented on this issue is Angela Seeney who is Director of Decommissioning, Supply Chain and Technology at The Oil and Gas Authority. Angela has explained that because the price of oil is low and less profitable, many companies are understanding the need to collaborate, they realise that they must find a way to become more sustainable and improve efficiency by at least thirty per cent.

She continues to explain that by making the decision to collaborate rather than compete, the sector can be changed completely and performance and operations will improve. If companies refuse to help one another then the supply chain could be broken and those in the industry will be unable to compete with the rest of the world in the future.

In this year’s Share Fair, organisations can discuss and share their future projects and talk about any challenges they may face. Those attending the Fair are then able to introduce companies to new ideas, new technologies, or new tools that will help them complete their projects more efficiently.

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Amec Foster Wheeler, a world leading oil and gas engineering company based in Britain is looking to win new contracts in Iran. If sanctions are lifted by the European Union and the American Congress, Amec Foster Wheeler hope to be first in line to provide their services to the country’s lucrative oil and gas market.

amec foster wheelerThe Chief Executive of Amec Foster Wheeler, Samir Brikho was recently interviewed by the British national newspaper, the Telegraph and mentioned Amec Foster Wheeler’s plan to work with oil and gas companies based in Iran, if sanctions are lifted. The relations between the United Kingdom and Iran have developed recently with Philip Hammond, Foreign Secretary for the United Kingdom reopening the British Embassy in Tehran.

In July, the government in Iran reached a deal with world powers to remove the economic sanctions that are currently in place. To remove these sanctions Iran have to cutback on its nuclear programme. But, before any countries can do business with Iran the US congress must officiate the agreement.

Iran has the second biggest gas reserve in the world. It also has the fourth biggest oil reserve. So, its potential for the oil and gas industry is huge, but it will need billions in investment in order to encourage production.

Recently, oil and gas engineering and service companies have witnessed a huge decline in the price of oil. This has led to employees being let go, reduced orders, less exports and it has also seen many engineering projects scrapped.

Before the sanctions were imposed, Amec Foster Wheeler enjoyed working in the Iranian market. Previously the company worked as a subcontractor, providing their services to help build the South Pars Phases six, seven and eight. But, sanctions were put in place by both the European Union and the United States in 2012 and Amec Foster Wheeler, along with many other engineering organisations were forced to abandon their projects and as a result their working relationships.

It would seem that Amec Foster Wheeler are serious about re working with the country as they have already talked about their future involvement with Philip Hammond.

There are many benefits and opportunities that could become available for engineering companies if the sanctions are lifted. The country has an incredibly lucrative oil and gas market which will no doubt interest many more companies similar to Amec Foster Wheeler.

But, it is likely that the sanctions will stay in place for the first half of 2016. It is looking likely that the sanctions could be removed during the second part of 2016.

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Spirax – Sarco Says Goodbye to Piston Actuated and Solenoid Valve Manufacturer M&M!

engineering companyMany people in the engineering world would have heard of the group called Spirax – Sarco and for those that have not, Spirax – Sarco is a British global leader in the manufacture of steam management systems. Since the nineties, the group diversified and now they are a strong manufacturer of peristaltic pumps, they have also further cemented their position as a global leader by choosing to manufacture a range of fluid path technologies.

With such a diversified offering, it will no doubt come as a surprise to many that Spirax – Sarco has made the decision to sell their division called M&M International to Rotork PLC.

Rotork is another British manufacturer of industrial flow control products. The company successfully purchased M&M recently for a whopping six point eight million pounds. Currently the M&M division manufacture both solenoid valves and piston actuated valves in a facility based in Bergamo in Italy. News of this sale will be sure to interest other piston actuated and solenoid valve manufacturers across the globe.

Spirax – Sarco have owned M&M for around fifteen years when it acquired the company back in 2000. In 2014, the group reported strong operating and sales figures so it is a surprise to learn that the company have decided to sell on the company to Rotork.

RotorkIn fact, if last year was anything to go by, Rotork can expect a profit of one point five million euros from the operational side and will look to earn a staggering eight point nine million euros from sales. Not bad considering the six point eight million pound price tag.
Originally Spirax – Sarco decided to buy M&M so they could diversify into the pumps manufacturing market. So we turned to the company to find out exactly why they have decided to sell their M&M division.

Spirax – Sarco said that it was all down to a low strategic fit. This meant that they were unable to improve or grow the profits, growth rates and most importantly sales.

Well there you have it.

On the other end of the spectrum, Rotork are said to be thrilled with the acquisition and have claimed that the M&M business will be an outstanding addition to the company. It will also help the company strengthen and grow, ensuring they remain a growing global leader.

Peter France, Chief Executive of Rotork said that the acquisition of M&M will work well with Rotork Midland. He further explained how the rest of the group will benefit from their piston actuated and solenoid valve manufacturing capabilities.

Peter then continued to explain how the M&M group will help their operations grow, improve and increase their product range and finally, the group are expecting to expand into new markets.

When taking a look at the stock shares it would seem that after the sale was complete, Spirax – Sarco’s shares took a downturn whilst Rotork’s shares had increased. Only time will tell how this sale will affect both businesses.

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